Anger management. Stress relief. Cardio workout. All of this plus you get to wear pretty sweet coveralls.


About Us

Get It All Out

Customer got on your last nerve today? Break a plate. Client blowin' up your phone just to complain? Smash a bottle. Your ex is living their best life after you basically kept them alive for the last ten years? Take a bat to a flat-screen. We know you have so many reasons to get angry throughout a day, a week, or even over the course of years. We just wanted to give you a place to get it all out without the headache of a copay, or hiring a subcontractor to fix the holey walls, or God forbid losing that massive security deposit because the bedroom door is inexplicably now a dutch door missing two hinges. We're here for you.



Something For Everyone



Its ok to be basic sometimes.



Let's collaborate on all the stuff you're going to destroy.


Because that Valentine's Dinner table isn't going to bash itself with a baseball bat.


BYOB (Bring Your Own Breakable)

We give you the time and space, you bring the item you want to see in a million pieces.


Ladies Night

Be smashing, at least once a week.

road work.jpg

Rush Hour Special

Because there's nothing like the smell of fresh asphalt (to make you want to crush something).


Opening Hours

Come Break Things


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1112 S 2nd Street Wilmington, N.C. 28401




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